(Old Version) How Email Verification Works (Manual and Automatic)

Email Verification is an add-on feature/functionality that lets you verify emails’ validity before sending them emails.
This feature really helps to protect your sender reputation by minimizing bounce rates caused by sending emails to invalid email addresses.

Note: You need to have your prospects in a group so you can use this feature.

You can only verify emails of prospects that have NOT been emailed or verified yet (fresh prospects that are showing “Not Emailed” state).

First, you need to get credits for email verification.
Go to Account settings -> Add-ons -> ” Purchase more email verifications”.
$10.00 gives you 1000 credits.
Once you have the credits, go to Prospects -> Groups -> view the Group you want to verify.

go to verify

Important: It’s best to have a separate group ready to move the prospects to depending on the result of the verification. Especially for the Invalid Emails because there’s no current way to sort prospects based on the verification results once the verification is done.
Example: Before Verifying Emails, create a Group named “Invalid emails” so you can select it later from the dropdown to automatically move invalid emails to after verification.

Here, you’ll see the options (dropdowns) to move the prospects to a different group depending on the result of the verification.
manual verify sample

The main idea is to separate the valid emails from the others so you are only sending to valid email addresses.

verify iconsValid – These emails represent a real account / inbox available at the given domain.
Invalid – These are not real emails.
Unknown – For some reason email cannot be verified as valid or invalid. Most of the time a domain did not respond quickly enough.
 Accept All – These are domains that respond to every verification request in the affirmative, and therefore cannot be fully verified.

After hitting “Verify Emails”, the emails will be assessed for validity and will be labelled accordingly depending on the results.
Note: It’s advisable to send emails only to “Valid” email addresses. “Accept All” and “Unknowns” still have high risks of  bouncing.

Automatic Email Verification:

Prospects are now automatically verified before emails are sent out to them
(as long as you have verification credits)

By default, only “Valid emails” (green checkmark) are emailed,
“Invalid” prospects (red x mark) will bounce automatically,
“Unknown” (?) and “Accept All” (<3) prospects will be “Aborted”

You can change the settings under Settings -> Emails -> View your email address -> Properties:
automatic email verification settings