Login Portal

The login portal allows users to add multiple QuickMail accounts for easy access.

This is especially useful to those who manage multiple Quickmail accounts.
This can also be used by VAs and copywriters so that they can access the account without having to be added to the Quickmail account.

To start using the portal, go to http://app.quickmail.io/login
You’ll be asked to login or to create an account.

There are 3 ways to create a portal account:
1. Using a Google+ account
2. Through LinkedIn
3. Using your email address (you can use any email address you own)
– if you use the sign up through email address option, you’ll be asked to verify your email address  by clicking a link in the email sent to your inbox.
– this is recommended for setting up portals for VAs or copywriters.

Once you have your portal, you can start adding Quickmail accounts that you own or have access to.
Click “Add new account” and login to the Quickmail account to add it to your portal.

After clicking “Add new account”, you’ll be redirected to a google page where you need to sign in with the email address that’s being used with the account you want to add to the portal.
You only need to do this once for every account you add.
Simply click the account you wish to login to from the portal and that’s it!
You can bookmark http://app.quickmail.io/login to go directly to the portal.

The accounts added to the portal will not be affected even if you add multiple accounts for different clients.
The option to delete/remove accounts from the portal  is revealed when you toggle the “Delete” slider.

Note: Deleting accounts from the portal will NOT delete or cancel the actual Quickmail account.