(Old Version) How to change email address (Pro Plan)

QuickMail Pro accounts can have multiple email accounts active at the same time, so switching email accounts is easy.

1. Login to QuickMail using the email address currently registered with the account and go to Settings > Emails.
If you already see the email address you want to use in the list of email accounts, simply click “Set as default” and you’re done.

If you haven’t added an additional email, continue to step 2.

2. Click “Add Another Email Account”.

If that option’s unavailable, you will need to delete one of your existing email accounts first.
(only 3 email accounts can be active at any given time)

Note: Deleted email addresses will no longer be monitored for replies by QuickMail. That means prospects that reply to the deleted email address will still receive follow-ups (if they’re still running a sequence).

3. After clicking “Add Another Email Account”, you will be brought to a google confirmation page.
Click your email address (at the top right corner of the page) and select “Add Account”.

Sign in with the email address you want to switch over to. Follow through the process.

4. Once you’re back to the QuickMail settings page, you should see the new email address has been added to the list. Set the new email address as the default email by clicking “set default”

*If you encountered an error or if the email address you’re trying to add doesn’t show up after step 3, then it’s likely that the email address you’re trying to add already has its own QuickMail account – send support@quickmail.io an email if this is the case.

Support will need to delete the account so you can add it to your existing Pro account.