(Old) What do the different prospect States mean?

Not Emailed – Prospects that are ready to start a sequence have this state. 
This applies to newly added (fresh) prospects and prospects that were reset.

Emailed  – This means the prospect has started the sequence and was sent the 1st Step email.


Followed up – This means the prospect was sent a follow up. 
The prospect can be on any email step except the 1st step (Step 2 and beyond).
If no schedule shows below the “Next Followup” column, then that means follow-ups are already cancelled.

Responded – A prospect is automatically marked as “responded” when Quickmail detects a reply from that prospect in your inbox, all follow-ups to that particular prospect will also be cancelled.
You can still resume Follow-ups to these prospects ->  https://quickmail.io/help/how-to-resume-follow-ups/

Note: Quickmail scans your inbox once every hour to check for replies and notifications.
Make sure to let replies and notifications to sit in your inbox for a few hours before deleting them so that Quickmail will have ample time to detect those replies/notifications. Archiving replies/notifications is fine.

Out Of Office – Vacation Responders or Out of Office auto-replies can be detected by Quickmail most of the time. Sometimes some may be detected as responses/replies since people may have a custom vacation responder. This will automatically cancel all follow up emails to the prospect.
You can resume Follow-ups on these prospects -> http://blog.quickmail.io/how-to-resume-follow-ups/

Aborted – When “Abort colleagues on reply” is ticked under Group settings, all prospects in the group with same company name will automatically be tagged as “Aborted” when Quickmail detects a reply from that same company. Aborted prospects will no longer receive follow ups.

  • Aborted state also applies to prospects whose email variation was deleted.
  • These prospects will no longer be able to proceed with the rest of the sequence.

Cold – These are prospects that already reached the end of the sequence you initiated on them.
It will automatically be applied to prospects when the “Number of hours to wait” in the last email variation/step is over.

Bounced – This means the last email wasn’t successfully sent to the prospect. It could be caused by a number of reasons: prospect has an invalid email address, your email or email address is getting blocked by the prospect’s email server. Quickmail detects this by checking your inbox for “mail delivery reports” generated by your gmail/google apps account.

Opened – Automatically applied to a prospect when he opens the email from your sequence.
Open instances can be viewed under Events in the prospect’s profile and on the Live Events page (Pro account only)

Clicked – Prospects who access cliackable link/s in your email will be tagged as “Clicked” but only when link tracking is enabled in an email variation (see image below). Click instances are also visible under Events in the prospect’s profile and on the Live Events page (Pro account only)

Do Not Contact – You can manually mark prospects as “Do Not Contact” and Quickmail will NOT send that prospect anything no matter what you do. There’s no option to reset Do Not Contact prospects, you will need to delete and recreate/readd them to send them emails.