(Old) How does QuickMail Send Email?

To increase deliverability, QuickMail will wait a few seconds between sending your emails, as if you were typing the emails yourself.

This also drastically reduces your chances of hitting a spam filter or being flagged by spam lists.

By default, the time QuickMail waits between emails is 30 seconds.

You can set the interval to be between 1 second (not recommended) up to 1 hour (3600 seconds).

How to set it up:

Go to Settings -> Click your email address -> set “Minimum Time delay between sending emails (in sec) ” -> Save :

How it works:

Each time a sequence starts (manually or by schedule), emails are added to the send queue of your inbox.
Each inbox has its own timer and configurable delay.

Then QuickMail will process the queue at the speed defined by the delay.
This applies to both initial touch emails as well as follow-ups (changing the delay affects the queue immediately).

You can see items in the send queue when you click on your email, right under Settings -> Send Queue: