(Old) How to Use Custom Attributes

Custom attributes allow QuickMail users to do more personalization on the emails being sent out to prospects. The more information you have about your prospects, the more that you can leverage this feature.

To start, go to Prospects > Custom attributes
You can add fields like city, school, occupation or any kind of information relevant to your prospects. (add as many as you want!)

After that, you can now go to your prospects and fill those fields out with information.

You may then compose email touches using these custom attributes.

Finally,  go to the prospect’s profile and have a preview of what your email will look to him/her.
Here’s the preview of the example email composed from the previous step:

That’s it!

And here’s a useful TIP for multiple prospects, You can preload custom information to your Google sheet before importing  them.
QuickMail will automatically recognize those fields if the custom attribute is already present in your account so make sure to create the matching custom attributes first before importing!

Advanced tricks:

In this video, Jeremy shows how to use custom attributes to add even more personalization to your email touches.