(Old Version) How to Use Gmail Labels (Pro Plan)

Gmail labels feature in Quickmail allows you to categorize the replies you get from your prospects.

Example: You’ll be able to compare stats of positive vs negative responses

Video guide:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xkkGh6bRS1o

To start:
1. Go to Prospects > Gmail labels > Create Label:

create label

After creating your labels, click “Sync Labels with Gmail now”. Wait for the requested process to complete.

sync labels now

2. Sign-in to your Gmail account associated with your Quickmail account (default email).
You’ll see two new parent labels named @QuickMail-Pending and QuickMail-Processed.


– You’ll also see the sub-labels added automatically depending on the labels you created in step 1.

3. Whenever you receive a response from your prospect, you can mark them with the labels nested under @QuickMail-Pending/Reply. Example:

apply label

4. Every hour, Quickmail will automatically scan your labels and move the responses to “QuickMail-Processed” upon detection.
You can also go to Settings > Emails > Check Labels Now to check labels immediately.

check labels now

5. You can go to Sequence > Stats > Detail Stats to see stats for each gmail label you synced.