(Old Version) How to ADD Additional Email Accounts (Pro Plan)

This feature allows you to have up to 3 email accounts active at the same time in a single QuickMail account. This feature is only available for Pro plan users and is designed so that a QuickMail account owners can send emails from 3 different addresses (BUT still under the same name).

1. Go to Settings -> Emails -> click “Add another Email Account”

add additional

2. You will be prompted by Google to grant access to the account.
Click your email address (at the top right corner of the page) and select “Add Account”. Sign in with the email address you want to add. Follow through the process until you’re brought back to the settings page.
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3. You should see the new email address has been added to the account. Repeat Step 1 and Step 2 to add a third email account.

Video guide:
how to add vid

If you didn’t see the email account get added, it might be that the email address that you’re trying to add is already under a different QuickMail account. If that’s the case, send us an email (support@quickmail.io) so we can delete the other account.

Once you’ve added your email account/s, you may set each sequence to send emails from any of the email addresses you have in your account.
Here’s a simple guide on how to configure your sequences for that:  http://help.quickmail.io/article/30-how-to-assign-an-email-address-to-a-sequence-pro-account