How to Reset Prospects

Resetting prospects has the same effect as deleting them and adding them back with the same information. This will delete all previous conversation data associated with the prospect (like clicks, opens, reply, bounce history, etc..).

Prospects that have just been reset will have no conversations (Did not start any sequence yet), making them eligible to start a sequence using schedules and manually adding them to a sequence.
You can reset prospects one by one by going to their profiles -> under Action -> click Reset:

You can also do Bulk Action to reset multiple prospects at the same time:
Note: resetting prospects individually or using the bulk action will NOT remove the tags or remove the verification status (if the prospect was already verified)
If you need to reset a large number of prospects, you can delete those prospects (by deleting their group) and then re-import them back to your list. However, this method will clear the tags you've set and will remove the verification status (if the prospect was already verified). 
Tip: It’s a good idea to export the prospects first before deleting them so that you’ll have a record of their states (stage) before you delete all their history. You can also use the export sheet to reimport the prospects.