How to add additional email accounts

This feature allows you to have up to 3 email accounts active at the same time in a single QuickMail account.
This feature is only available for Pro plan users and is designed so that a QuickMail account owners can send emails from 3 different addresses that they own (under the same name).

1. Go to Settings -> Inboxes -> then click "Add another Email Account":

You'll be brought to a Google sign in page. Click "Use another account":

Sign in with the G Suite/Gmail account you wish to add. Then allow access to complete the process:

3. You should see the new email address has been added to the account. Repeat Step 1 and Step 2 to add a third email account.

If you didn’t see the email account get added, it might be that the email address that you’re trying to add is already under a different QuickMail account.
If that’s the case, send us an email ( so we can delete the other account.

Once you’ve added your email account/s, you may set each sequence to send emails from any of the email addresses you have in your account. 
Here’s a simple guide on how to configure your sequences for that ->    How to Assign an Email Address to a Sequence (Pro Account)