Custom SMTP set up

You can use custom SMTP in Quickmail Pro accounts to send emails out from your custom SMTP service on behalf of your G Suite email account. G Suite email limits will no longer apply if you're using custom SMTP to send out emails. However, Quickmail initial email limits will still apply (500 initial emails/day)

Note: You should NEVER use custom SMTP with a free Google "" email address. 
Gmail's DMARC policies will not go well with custom SMTP and will result to your emails going to trash.

Setting up a custom SMTP to send email can be done in the Settings of your inbox.

Find the custom SMTP fields and fill out with your Custom SMTP credentials:

(Changes made are saved automatically)

Set up example (using Sendgrid): 

SMTP Address:
Port: 587
SMTP Login: should be your login account to sendgrid
SMTP Password: should be your password to your account
SMTP Authentification: can be left to Default

For more information, see  SendGrid documentation