How QuickMail Sends Email

QuickMail simulates the action of you composing emails by waiting a few seconds to send each message. This gap in time reduces the chance of spam filters catching your message or flagging it as spam which greatly increases deliverability!

The default wait time between emails is 30 seconds but can be set for up to an hour (3600 seconds).
The longer the interval between emails, the better the deliverability.

Set Up

Go to Settings -> Inboxes -> email Settings

Note: For Pro plan users, each inbox has its own settings and send queue (more info about send queue later)

In the field under " Minimum Time delay between sending emails (in sec)", enter the number of seconds you would like QuickMail to wait between sending emails.

Send Queue:

Each time a Sequence starts (Manually or by a Schedule) or when follow-ups gets due, emails are added to the send queue of your inbox.
You can view the Send Queue from the Email Inbox's Settings page -> under Action:

QuickMail will then process the Send Queue at the speed defined by the delay. This applies to both initial touch emails AND follow-ups (changing the delay affects the queue immediately)

NOTE: Follow-up emails are prioritized over initial emails.
That means no initial email will be sent out until all pending follow-ups have been sent out.