Settings - System

You can personalize and control Quickmail’s system settings under ‘Settings’ -> ‘System’. 

Time Zone - By default, the timezone is set to your locality when you signed up. If you’re sending email to different countries or moved to another time zone, you can change the time zone to sync your schedules. 

BCC emails - here you can BCC all emails sent to any email address. It's commonly used to send copies of emails sent to another team member or a CRM address (example: SalesForce)
Note: Do not BCC yourself because that will cause all emails sent to get detected as replies.

Live Notifications - Users on Pro accounts get live notifications when prospects open or click a link in the emails they received. You can enable/disable live notification alerts:

Report - toggling the “Send daily activity email” will automatically send a daily email report to the default email address of the Quickmail account. The daily report contains a summary of prospect activity and errors (if there are any). You may also CC this email to another email address.

Localisation - This setting is used to change connector word in the {{=colleagues}} attribute (if you’re not familiar with it, you can read more about it here -  colleagues attribute).  

By default and if left blank, the connector word is "and".