Settings - Identity

Here you can change information about your account's identity, such as the name that is used in emails (1) and the address to send system emails to (2). 

1. You can specify the name to appear in all the emails you send under " QuickMail Identity". The name will override the name of the email account you will use. This is also the name that will appear in QuickMail on the upper-right corner. 

Note: All emails sent from the account will bear the QuickMail Identity no matter which email address you used to 

2. Under " Real Contact", you can specify a name and an email address to send the daily report, export/import results and credit card charge errors. This setting will override the default email account of your QuickMail account.

You can also insert Identity Attributes to be used in sequence emails. This is commonly used in signatures for identity information that is often changed. 

You can learn more about attributes here.