Add-on BriteVerify

What is Email Verification and Why Does it Matter?

Powered by  BriteVerify, email verification is an integrated feature that lets you verify a target address' validity before sending them a message. Verifying addresses helps protect your sender reputation by minimizing the number of bounces. 
Keeping the bounce rate under 10% is ideal and by identifying addresses that will bounce before sending, you can eliminate the risk of sending emails to invalid email addresses.

Getting Started

In order to begin verifying addresses, you will need to purchase Email Verification Credits at the cost of $10 for 1000 credits. Purchasing credits  is  pretty simple:

Go to Settings -> Add-ons -> click "Brite Verify"

Then you can set how many credits you want to purchase -> confirm purchase:

Verifying Addresses (Manually)

A few things to note before beginning to verify addresses:

  • Prospects must be assigned to a group before they can be verified 
  • Addresses must be in the state of "Not Emailed" and not previously verified

Pro tip:  Create separate groups for Invalid and Risky/Unknown emails so you can set the invalid prospects to move to those groups when doing  manual  verification. 

1. Go to Prospects -> Groups -> Select the Group you'd like to verify

2. Click Menu -> select "Verify Emails"

3. You will be prompted to set which group prospects will move to based on their verification result. 

In the example above, I've set all valid emails to remain in the same group.  
The invalid emails/prospects will be moved to "Invalids".  
Both unknown and risky emails/prospects go to "Risky & Unknowns" group

Valid - These addresses represent a real account/mailbox at the target domain
Invalid - These are not real email addresses
Unknown - For some reason, the domain cannot be verified, usually due to a domain timeout
Risky - The domain responds to every verification request in the affirmative and so, cannot be fully verified

Important!: It is recommended that you send only to "Valid" email addresses as "Unknown" and "Risky" messages have a high chance of bouncing!

Verifying Addresses (Automatically)

You also have the option to have your target addresses verified when a sequence sends a message. Remember that a credit will be spent for each send so keep an eye on your credits to ensure you have enough before starting a sequence. 

1. Click on the "Inboxes" tab on the left side of the screen -> Click the "Settings" Button next to the email address you are using.

2. Scroll down and in the bottom left corner you will see the options for Automatic Email Verification

Automatic Verification is ON by default. This means prospects are automatically verified before sending the initial email. If a prospect is identified as an invalid email, the prospect will be marked as "bad" and won't be able to start the sequence. 
If you run out of credits, your sequence will still run, but the prospects won't be verified. 

"Allow risky/unknown emails to be sent" is OFF by default. If you decide to turn this option on, messages will be sent to addresses that are identified as risky/unknown and may still cause bounces.