Settings - Billing

Quickmail comes in two standard subscription packages: Basic and Pro plan
By default, accounts are billed monthly starting on the day of subscription. 

The Basic plan is $49/mo/user account
Pro subscription is $69/mo/user account

You can also choose to go on a Yearly plan to get 20% off by pre-paying for an entire year's subscription:

Annual Basic = $468/yr/user account
Annual Pro =  $660/yr/user account

Note: If you have a team of more than 1 user account, each account will have the same type of subscription/plan and will be billed the same to the same card. 

For the monthly subscription, the billing cycles on the same day of the month that you initially subscribed. 
Example: If the account was subscribed on April 15, the next billing dates would be on May 15, June 15 and so on..
The yearly plan will automatically renew after 1 year.


You can view your billing history and download your invoices by clicking Menu -> View Invoices.

You will be prompted to enter your company info (if you haven't filled those out yet)

Note: Only the Company name is required

The invoices (.pdf) can be downloaded by hitting the download button.