Sleep Plan

The Sleep Plan ($5/month per account) allows you to keep all your account information while temporarily disabling all account functions.

This is ideal for those users who wanted to pause the activity in their account, but are still planning to use QuickMail in the future.

Unlike closing the account, which can lead to the account's data being deleted at any time, all information for accounts on the Sleep Plan is preserved. 

You will automatically get credited the amount you have not used up when you switch to Sleep Plan—prorated automatically depending on your billing cycle—so you're likely not to get charged anything when you switch to Sleep plan in the middle of your billing period.

If you're in a team, putting the account to Sleep will also put the entire team to Sleep plan - as a team shares the same subscription type.

Note: The Sleep Plan is only an option for Monthly plans. Our Yearly plans are not eligible to be put on the Sleep Plan.