Time Tables

Time Tables feature allows you to specify which days and hours it's OK to send out follow-up emails. 
This is helpful to avoid unintentionally sending follow-ups during non-business hours, for example.

If you don't have the time tables feature yet, you can send a request to support@quickmail.io and we'll activate the feature on your account.

Once activated, you can go to Time -> Time Tables.
By default, a timetable that automatically skips weekends will be added to your account. 

Creating Time Tables:

You can add time range to your time table then specify the times of the day that it's OK to send out emails.

The times that are OK to send emails are highlighted in blue in the time table:

You can set a time table for each of your email variations in your sequence steps.
Edit the email variation/s in your sequence then set the time table to use:

You'll see that the Time table has been applied by checking the email variation:

This will ensure that the next email (follow-up) will not go out unless it's OK to send in the time table set.
If the next step gets due during a time when it's not OK to send, then the next step will be rescheduled to the nearest time that it's OK to send emails.

Note: Emails, including follow-ups, are queued - so follow-ups that became due earlier will still get prioritized over those that just got rescheduled.