Prospect status

The Status label on the Prospect List page indicates the prospects' latest status.

You can also view the prospect (by clicking the prospect's avatar/icon) and you'll see their latest status.

You can also view the prospect -> Action -> View Events to see their history (date created, clicked link, date opened, etc..)

What do these prospect statuses mean?

Emailed / Followed up – This means the prospect was sent an email or a follow up and no activity has been detected yet.
If no schedule shows in the “Next Step” column for the prospect, then that means follow-ups are already cancelled.

Opened / Clicked – By default, emails are tracked. Quickmail automatically adds a tracking pixel to the email.
When someone downloads the tracking pixel (automatically happens when someone opens the email) - it will trigger an open event. 
Links are also masked by a unique tracking URL, that when clicked - will trigger a clicked event and will redirect to the url you've originally added to your email. 

Responded / Out of Office – A prospect is automatically marked as “responded” when Quickmail detects a reply from that prospect in your inbox (checked hourly), all follow-ups to that particular prospect will also be cancelled automatically.

Out of Office replies are also detected and, by default, follow-ups will still be sent out 14 days after the original follow-up is scheduled. Out of Office replies are not counted as replies so they will not affect your reply stats. 

Aborted – When “Abort colleagues on reply” is ticked (can be found inside a sequence -> Menu -> Settings) all prospects in the group with same company name will automatically be tagged as “Aborted” when Quickmail detects a reply from that same company. Aborted prospects will no longer receive  follow-ups.  The aborted  state also applies to prospects whose email variation was deleted.

Cold – These are prospects that already reached the end of the sequence you initiated on them. 
It will automatically be applied to prospects when the “Number of hours to wait” in the last email variation/step is over.

Bounced – This means the last email wasn’t successfully sent to the prospect. It could be caused by a number of reasons: prospect has an invalid email address, your email or email address is getting blocked by the prospect’s email server. Quickmail detects this by checking your inbox for “mail delivery reports” generated by gmail/google or by the recipient email server.

Unsubscribed - If you added an unsubscribe link ({{=unsubscribe}}) to your email, prospects have the option to take themselves out of your sequence by clicking the link.

Never Ever Contact - You can manually mark prospects as “Never Ever Contact” and Quickmail will NOT send that prospect anything no matter what you do. There’s no option to reset Do Not Contact prospects, you will need to delete and recreate/read them to start a new sequence on them.

Pending - Prospects who just got into the sequence and haven't been sent their initial email yet. Emails are not sent out at the same time so it's normal to see pending prospects while they are waiting in the send queue ->How Quickmail sends email