Why my emails are not sending out?

Emails not sending out from the account can be caused by a number of things.
Let us go through some of the most common reasons why emails are not sending out. 

1. Emails are queued

Initial emails (manually initiated or by schedule) may get pushed back if the account is still currently sending follow-up emails.
Emails are not sent out at the same time and pending follow-ups are prioritized over initial emails.This is to ensure that follow-ups will not accumulate to unmanageable amounts.
Check your send queue by going to Settings -> Inboxes -> Email Settings -> Action -> View Send Queue. 

You can check this article for more info ->  How QuickMail Sends Email

Using Time Tables, you can set follow-up emails to send out only at certain time and days of the week ->  Time Tables

2. All prospects in the group have already been emailed

If the schedule you’ve set did not start, then it’s possible that the group you assigned for the schedule doesn’t have available prospects anymore. Schedules and Manually Adding Prospects to sequence will only pick prospects that are not emailed yet.

If you want to start a new sequence on the prospects that were already emailed then you'll need to reset those prospects if you want to start a new sequence on them by schedule.

Here's how to reset prospects ->  How to Reset Prospects

If you don't want to reset the prospects and lose their previous history, you can force start a new sequence on prospects who were already emailed using the bulk action on the Prospects -> Prospects List page (you can also do it after doing an advanced search).Starting the sequence this way starts the sequence immediately (up to 50 prospects at a time)

3. Automatic Email Verification

If you have purchased email verification credits, prospects are automatically verified before they are emailed.  By default, only “Valid emails” are emailed,
“Invalid”, “Unknown”, and “Risky” prospects will not start the sequence - (no emails are sent)
Sequences won’t start if all the remaining prospects in your groups have already been verified as not valid.

You can check this article for more info about email verification ->  Email Verification Guide

4. Paused Sequence/Inbox

Paused sequences and/or email variations won’t send out any emails and won’t on any prospect.
Go to Sequences -> Sequence List; sequences that are paused will be highlighted and has a paused icon. View the Sequence -> Settings -> to unpause the sequence.

Paused inboxes will also prevent emails from going out.
You can go to Settings -> Inbox to check if your inbox/email account is paused.

5. Check for Error messages

Click on your name on the top menu -> Errors | Notifications (https://app.quickmail.io/mnotifications) to check the account notifications for errors.  Most of the time, the notification will clearly state why emails are not being sent out. 

If you’re not sure what the errors mean or don’t see anything else that may be causing the problem (after checking the things listed above), then you can send an email to support@quickmail.io with a short description of the issue together with your Quickmail account email address.