How do I cancel my QuickMail subscription?

Cancelling or closing an account in Quickmail takes effect immediately.
That means all account functions are disabled as soon as the account is closed. 

Important: All account information may also get wiped out any time after closing the account. 
If you don't want to lose your account information (sequences, prospects, stats) - you can switch to  Sleep Plan instead.

Closing the account:

Go  to Settings -> Billing/Plan -> Click "CLOSE the account"

Note: Closing an account in a team also closes the entire team - as a team shares the same subscription. 

If you simply want to cancel one account from the team, go to Settings -> Team -> Remove Team Member. 

Important: Removing a team member is irreversible and all prospects from the removed team member will be abandoned. If you need more details about removing a team member, you can send an email to Alvin or Christopher (