Sequence Workflows (Pro plan)

Workflows allow users to set automatic actions based on different triggers in the sequence. 
It can be useful for those seeking more automation or to manage prospects easier.
It's a Pro plan only feature but can be tested on a Trial account. 

Here's a quick overview:


When a prospect clicks a link twice = Automatically apply a tag
When a reply is detected from a prospect running the sequence = Move to another group
When 'X' label is applied to the reply in Gmail = start a new sequence

To start, go to Sequence List ->  View the sequence you want to create a Workflow on -> Action -> Workflows:

Add a workflow then set your desired trigger and pair it with an action.


In the example, the workflow is set to automatically start a new sequence as soon as a reply gets detected.
Since the operator value is Equal =1, the trigger will only happen once (even if the prospect sends another email/reply). 

You can have up to 12 workflows in a sequence and you can use the same trigger to do different actions. 

Example: You can have a workflow where the Trigger is "Clicked on Link equal 3" = Action "Modify lead Score"
Then you can set up another workflow with the same trigger "Clicked on Link equal 3" = Action "Create Task"