How to Start a Sequence

Important: It's not recommended to send hundreds of initial emails right off the bat. 
Google will likely shut your account down if they suspect your account of spamming (everyone hates spam).
We recommend checking this checklist first before getting your feet wet ->

Once you've completed your  sequence and imported your prospects, you can then start your sequence on your prospects.
There are a lot of ways to start a sequence on prospects. 

Note: Emails are not sent out at the same time and there's a delay between each email sent - How QuickMail Sends Email

Here are the most common and recommended ways of starting sequences:

Starting Sequence Manually:

View the sequence you want -> click "Menu" -> Select "Add Prospects Manually"

You may then select the group and number of prospects you're starting the sequence on:

Note: Only the prospects who have not been emailed yet will be able to start the sequence. 
The system will pick the oldest prospects first (from the topmost of your import sheet) to start the sequence and put them in the send queue.

Starting Sequence by Schedule:

You can set up sequences to start sending emails to a number of prospects automatically from a group at a certain time and day every week.

Go to Sequences -> Schedules -> Click “Create New Schedule”

Fill out all the fields with desired value/setting. The schedules will cycle weekly and will continue initiating sequences as long as there are "Not Emailed" prospects in the group you selected.

Tip: You can select multiple days to create multiple schedules.
Once you have created the schedules, you should have something like this: 

Note: Only prospects who are not yet in any sequence (Not Emailed) can start sequences by way of schedules. 

Starting the sequence using bulk action:

Go to Prospects -> Prospect List -> Select the prospects you want to add to a sequence -> under bulk action, select "Start Sequence"

After that, you just need to select the sequence you want to start and the sequence will start immediately - adding the prospects to the send queue. 

Note: Unlike the other two ways mentioned above, starting sequences using bulk action allows you start multiple sequences on the same prospect. 
That means a prospect can run different sequences at the same time if you initiated a different sequence while the prospect is still currently running a sequence.
However, sequences by default don't allow prospects to run the same sequence multiple times - you'll have to go to sequence settings and allow prospects to re-enter the sequence if you want to start the same sequence on a prospect multiple times.