Trackers are the solution to stay in touch with your prospects once they become a lead.

Historically, QuickMail has been really good at getting replies, but once you got a reply, you are on your own. Trackers change this.

Trackers keep track of the last time you sent an email to this prospect or received an email from the prospect.

You can add a tracker to any prospect. For that, you'll need to go to the prospect detail page, find the Tracker tab on the right, click on it, then click on the button to create a tracker.

Then you can monitor your trackers on the Emails / Trackers page to see who you need to follow-up with.

Tracker time can be adjusted directly on the prospect page (Tracker tab) or via Group settings. The default number of days for a tracker can be set at the Group level (and overwritten individually at the prospect level).

Trackers have just been introduced and we have big plans for them, so this is an exciting time. Let Alvin, Christopher & I know what would make them more valuable to your own workflow.