How To Use The Replies Page

Triage your Replies, right from QuickMail

The Replies section in QuickMail, available from the sidebar, is a place to quickly read and label your responses, right from the app.

Click on the Replies section on the left sidebar, and you'll see a list of unlabeled replies from your Prospects. Select a reply to read what your Prospect has to say.

From there, you can give the reply a Label from the Set Label menu in the top-right. For example, you could label responses with how you'd like to proceed with the Prospect: "Phone Call," "Google Hangout," or "Email Only." These Labels will also reflect in your email inbox, so when it's time to get back to your Prospects, you can quickly prioritize which Prospects should get a reply first, and which can wait a bit.

Of course, that's only one example. You can  set up your own, custom Labels in the Prospects > Labels section, and get those replies organized into buckets that work for you!

Don't want to label that response? No problem! Just use the Archive button to dismiss it from the page.

Any questions? Suggestions on what you'd like to see in this section? We're here for you! Drop us a line at, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!