How to create and apply tags

Tags are useful when managing prospects with one or multiple categories. 
For example, you can create and apply tags based on the position or specialty of a person in a company: 
Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Social Media, etc..

To create tags, go to Prospects -> Tags:

To apply tag/s, you can view prospects and click the tags you want to apply:

You can also import prospects and apply tags automatically. Just put an x (or any value) in the cell of the associated tag and it will apply the tag/s to the prospect in the row. Here's a sample spreadsheet -> (check the columns Sales, Marketing, and Engineering)

You can then import (or re-import) prospects and the tags will automatically apply to the prospects based on how the tags are mapped.
Note: If you're re-importing the prospects to apply tags, you need to tick "Update existing prospects" (see screenshot)