Prevent re-adding prospects

The GDPR privacy policy and rights for a prospect to be forgotten has its own challenges. 

If you use Auto importing of prospects, you may delete a prospect only to see that prospect being re-added as part of the auto-import process.

One way to prevent this is to enable the option to prevent prospects from being re-added

If you try to re-add this prospect, QuickMail will not allow it and you'll encounter error messages.

To be able to do that and comply with GDPR and privacy, we don't store the email address information as such to prevent re-addition but instead the result of a complicated encryption. An email cannot be recovered from this information but since the same email will lead to the same result, we are able to compare results when you give us an email to create a prospect and therefore prevent re-addition.

Another usage would be if you have a list of clients you don't want in QuickMail but would like to prevent addition without excluding the entire domain (e.g. having clients with addresses). You can add them in QuickMail, and delete them using this feature.

This is the first draft of this article, so do not hesitate to contact us if that doesn't answer your concern fully or if something is not clear.