How to use Outlook with Quickmail

Outlook email account ( or Office 365 hosted emails) can be used with Quickmail. 

To start, go to and sign up for an account:

Note: You can use any method of signing up (Gmail, Outlook, Facebook or LinkedIn)

After signing up, you will automatically get a new account with no inbox. 
Here, you will be prompted to add an inbox and you can select the "Add an Outlook or Exchange Online Inbox".

Sign-in with the Outlook or Office 365 account you want to use: 

That's it! You should be all set to start using your Quickmail account. 
Here's a Basic Set up guide that you can follow to easily get familiarized with Quickmail - Basic Setup Guide

Note: Importing prospects from Google Drive/Google Sheets will not work if you're using an Outlook email account. However, you can import prospects using a csv file instead. Importing Prospects from CSV