Importing Prospects from CSV

Importing from Google Drive is not possible if you're using an Outlook email account or a custom email account with Quickmail. But you can import from a CSV file instead.  

1. Go to Prospects -> Import -> Import from a CSV file

CSV format: 
Your csv file/sheet should have a header (example: Email, Firstname, Lastname)

2. Select the CSV file from your computer. 

3. Match the headers/spreadsheet columns to their corresponding attributes.

Tip: To map attributes and tags automatically, use lowercase characters when naming attributes and tags.

4. Select the group (or create one first - then select it) and hit the Import button.

Depending on how large and detailed the list is, import process may take a few seconds to a few minutes.
You will receive an email "Import prospect Results" once the import process is done.

It’s up to you if you want to add columns for custom attributes (like city), just make sure you create those custom attributes first before including them in your spreadsheet.  

More information about custom attributes here -  How to use attributes

Note: Only the first sheet will be imported. You will receive an email with details about the import once the import is done.  
Check the "Import Prospect Results" email first and your prospect list before starting a sequence to make sure all important details have been imported.