Can I Attach Files To Email Variations?

QuickMail does not support attachments to Email Variations. Quickmail doesn't host files and is not really designed for content delivery. Attachments also don't really improve email deliverability and response rate. 

The best Cold Emails are the ones that have the goal of starting a conversation with your Prospect. Think of it as a networking event or a cocktail party. Instead of immediately shoving a flyer in someone's hand, it's best to strike up a conversation and let them know what you do. When they show interest, then you can move on to the next steps of presenting your material.

That said, if you must include a file with your message, you can use a free service like  Google Drive or Dropbox to host the file, and include a Public Link to it in your message.

Note: Do not link a URL or a website if click tracking is turned on.

Example: Do not link "" to "
Use simple text like "click here" instead or just don't link the website/URL address at all (it will transform to a link anyway). 

The reason is that Quickmail masks the URL automatically for each prospect with a unique tracking URL.
Having a linked text that looks like a URL but directs to a different URL may be seen as a potential phishing/fraud attack by some email platforms (which may result to getting flagged as spam).