QuickMail provides the ability to manage multiple accounts, or Projects, within a single Organization. Additionally, a single user can be a part of multiple Organizations, each with it's own Teams. Your Accounts and Organizations can be found at

Within a single Organization, you'll be able to see a list of Projects, as well as all Members who are a part of them. You can also see any other users who may have access to the Project, under the Explicit Permissions heading.

The Organization Selection Menu lets you switch between multiple Organizations that you have access to.

The Organization Menu lets you manage all aspects of your Organization. 

The  Project List shows the list of QuickMail Accounts that your Organization manages, as well as where you can create a new Team.

The  Properties page allows you to rename your Organization and lets you leave an Organization.

The  Group Permissions page allows you to control permission levels for the members of your Team.

The  Collaborators page allows you view, add, and remove Team Members in your Organization.

The Billing page is a work-in-progress, but it will allow you to have a unified billing portal for every Team in your Organization.

The menu in the top-right corner provides quick access to a number of resources, as well as the ability to Log Out of your Organization.