How to set up Auto-Import

Auto-import set up allows Quickmail Pro plan users to automatically import prospects from a Google Sheet. This feature is only available to Pro users who are using a GSuite email account.

First, you'll need to manually import from the Google sheet (in the same Google Drive account of the email you're using with Quickmail):

1. Go to Prospects > Import Prospects and click on "Import Prospects" (Using Google Drive)

Google sheet format: Your Google sheet should have a header (example: Email, Firstname, Lastname) 

Here's a sample -

2. Select "Import Existing Spreadsheet" -> Select the Google Sheet to import from -> click Next 

3. Match the headers/spreadsheet columns to their corresponding attributes.

4. Select the group (or create one first - then select it) -> tick "Auto-import.." and hit the Import button.

Depending on how large and detailed the list is, the import process may take a few seconds to a few minutes. 
You will receive an email "Import prospect Results" once the import process is done.

Quickmail will automatically check the Google Sheet for changes every hour. 
If new prospects are detected, then Quickmail will automatically import those new prospects. 
There can be no duplicate prospects in a Quickmail account/team - so it's fine to leave the old prospects in the Google Sheet. You can also delete the old prospects from the Google Sheet and they won't be deleted from Quickmail.

Note: Auto-import is limited to 5 Google Sheets only.