Email Text Font

While some level of font customization using HTML editor is possible, Quickmail is not really meant for sending heavily formatted newsletters. Cold emails have better deliverability and response rate in plain text format (as mentioned in our  checklist)

But if you really want to add formatting to your emails, you can access the HTML editor. 
From the email editor, click the </> to switch to HTML mode so you can add HTML formatting tags.

You can use this for font size:
<font size="1em">this is a small text</font> or <font size="4em">this is a big text</font>

You can adjust "1em" until you get the desired text size.

Here's for font style: <font face="verdana"> text here </font>

If you want to put some text in bold: <strong>Bold Text</strong>

To clear your email text formatting:

Edit the email text -> highlight the text -> click the clear formatting button -> save
You can also copy the text in the email body (without the codes) -> paste the text to notepad -> copy the text from notepad (important) -> then paste to the email body -> save.
(if you don't have notepad, you can use this ->

You can send test emails after editing and saving the emails to see what the emails will look like when they get sent out.