How to Use Zapier with QuickMail

What is Zapier integration for?

Zapier allows integrations of multiple apps by connecting actions and triggers. 
This makes it possible to automate QuickMail events and actions with other apps that are supported by Zapier. 

Example: Automatically log prospect details to a Google Sheet when a prospect clicks a link in the email.
Currently, here are the available QuickMail Triggers:
  •  Update Tag
  •  New Reply
  •  New Checkpoint reached
  •  New Journey Completed
  •  New Unsubscribe
  •  New Bounce 
  •  New Task 
  •  New Open
  •  New Click
and here are the available Actions:
  •  Create or Update a Prospect  (This Action can also start a Prospect on a Campaign or add them to a Bucket.)
  •  Cancel Journey
  •  Unsubscribe Prospect
Note: Zapier integration is only available on the Pro plan
Free trial accounts can test the integration within the trial period.

How to set up Zapier integration

On your QuickMail account, go to Settings -> Add-ons
-> Scroll down to the Zapier section and click "Generate Personal Zapier API key":

Take note of the Zapier API key and copy it. 
You will need the API key when you are building your Zap.

How to create Zaps with QuickMail Triggers and Actions

Make a Zap in Zapier and search QuickMail for the Trigger or Action (depending on the automation you want to set up).


Click the icon for QuickMail and provide the API key when prompted:

Follow the prompts on the page to create a Zap that does what's needed.
After the Zap is all set, use the switch in the top-right corner to turn it on, and it'll be good to go.
Zapier will take care of the rest!