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What are Buckets for?

If you want to automate adding prospects to a campaign on specific days and times, you should start with setting up buckets.

Buckets and schedules go hand in hand to automate adding prospects to a campaign.

Setting up buckets and schedules saves you the hassle of adding batches of prospects to a campaign manually.

How do buckets work?

Once a bucket is assigned to schedules, the schedules will then pull out the prospects from the bucket and add the prospects into the campaign.

Without buckets, schedules won't work and vice-versa.

How to create a Bucket?

To create a bucket, head to campaigns > buckets -> click Create new Bucket.

A create bucket window will then pop up. Name the bucket and check the boxes based on your preferred settings.

What do those checkboxes mean?

  • Verify Emails - (requires an email verification tool) all emails that will be added to the bucket will automatically be verified.
  • Reject Risky Emails - (requires an email verification tool) prevents adding prospects who are verified as Risky emails.
  • Reject emails with unknown validity - prospects who are identified as bad or invalid emails, as well as those who previously bounced, will not be added to the bucket. 
  • Reject Unknown Emails - (requires an email verification tool) prevents adding prospects whose email servers always return a positive response. (Similar to risky emails as there's still a chance that these email addresses will result in bounces).
  • Reject Prospects who already ran a campaign - prevents adding prospects who were already added to a campaign.

How to add Prospects to a Bucket?

Prospects can be added to a Bucket in two ways:
1. Prospects can be added to a bucket upon import. 

To add prospects directly from a bucket upon import, scroll down to add to a bucket and choose the bucket you want to add the prospects to.

(Note that if you want to update existing prospects through import, if the said prospects are in a different bucket, they will be moved to the new bucket you selected in the new import.)

2. Prospects can also be added to a bucket manually.
To manually add a Prospect to a Bucket. Head to the Prospect List -> select a prospect -> Action -> Add to Bucket button and choose the Bucket you'd like them to go into.

Finally, you can now use that Bucket to schedule a campaign!   
For a step-by-step guide on scheduling campaigns, check this out -- How to Schedule Campaigns.