How to Add Prospects

How to Add Prospects

Creating prospects manually: 

You can manually create Prospects in your QuickMail account.

Use the Create Prospect button at the top of the page, and you'll be able to enter a First Name, Last Name, and Email Address for your Prospect:

After entering the Prospect's information, you can use either the Create One Prospect button, if you're done, or Create Another Prospect to save the Prospect and keep the window open to add another.

Importing Prospects: 

Selecting a file

To Import Prospects into your QuickMail account, head to the Prospects section on the left sidebar, and use the Import Prospects button at the top of your Prospect List:

On the next page, choose whether to Import via CSV or via Google Sheets:

If the file is in Google Sheets, a list of all of the Google accounts connected to QuickMail will be presented. Select the one that you'd like, and you'll get a list of all of the Sheets available in that account. 

Can't see the Sheet you're looking for? Make sure you can see it when you go to when signed in to that Google account. If it's owned by another Google user, make sure they've shared it with you.)

The list of Sheets will show you the name, the Owner of any shared Sheets, the last time it's been edited, and a link to view that Sheet in Google Sheets.

Got a lot of Sheets? Use the Search bar at the top of the page to search by name and quickly find the one you're looking for.

To add a CSV file, simply drag a file into the CSV window, or click the Load File button.

Mapping Columns

No matter the method of Import that's selected, the columns in the file will need to be mapped to the correct Attributes in QuickMail. Simply use the Dropdown menu to select the appropriate Column in the file.

It's also possible to either start Prospects on a Campaign immediately or add them directly into a Bucket.

By default, if a Prospect already exists in QuickMail, it's ignored. However, if you'd like to update existing Prospects, click the Update Prospect If Exists button.

Click the blue Import Prospects button, and they'll be added to QuickMail!

Auto-importing (PRO plan only)

Auto-import allows Pro plan users to automatically add prospects to their list when a Google Sheet is updated. 

To set up a Google Sheet for auto-import, start with the a regular Google Sheet import and just tick the box that says "Auto-import Automatically if spreadsheet changes"

Up to 5 sheets can be set up for auto-import at any given time. 

QuickMail will scan the Google sheets for any change every hour - and if new prospects are detected, those prospects will automatically get imported.