How to Use Tags


Tags are useful to categorize prospects based on a user's preference and workflow.
Tags can also be used as quick filters when searching for specific prospects.  
Note: Prospects can have multiple Tags as needed, and can be filtered as such!
Example: VIP prospects and San Francisco Area

How to create Tags

Head to the Tags section of the Prospects page. From there, simply click Create New Tag

How to apply Tags to Prospects

When viewing a Prospect's profile, you'll see the Tags that are available to apply to them. Clicking a Tag will apply it to that Prospect.
A Tag highlighted in green is applied to that Prospect. A grey tag indicates that it is not applied.

Bulk applying tags by importing

You can apply tags automatically to prospects when importing. 
Just match the Tag to a column in the import sheet. If there is any value in the row for a Prospect in that column, then the Tag will automatically get applied. 

Leaving a row blank means the Tag won't be applied.
Prospects can have multiple Tags applied to them - just put any value (like 'x') on all corresponding columns.