Inbox Specific Attributes

Inbox-Specific Attributes

Working as a Team in QuickMail allows team members to share Campaigns, and send them from their own Inboxes.
To personalize each message for the Inbox they're coming from, QuickMail has a number of Attributes available, that will apply to whichever Inbox is sending the message.

Setting up an Identity and Signature

Each Inbox can have their own Identity (sender name) as well as a Signature that can be inserted into messages.
Head to the Settings page, and click on an Inbox.
The Identity can be edited near the top of the page:
Further down the page, a Signature can be created for that Inbox:

Adding an Name and Signature to a Message

When editing a message, use the Attributes menu in the lower-right corner, and use the Inbox column to insert Attributes relevant to whomever is sending the message.
Here's what it looks like, after inserting the Name (identity) Attribute, and the Signature Attribute:
Now, when that message goes out, the sign-off will match whomever's sent it, for a personal experience with Prospects!