How to Schedule Campaigns

Why schedule campaigns?

Sending tons of emails in one go raises spam suspicions, especially for new emails. So to avoid spam suspicions, campaigns can be scheduled to send emails by batches.
Schedules work along buckets to automate adding prospects to campaigns on specific days and times of the week. 
Setting up schedules and buckets saves you the hassle of adding batches of prospects to a campaign from time to time.

Without schedules, buckets are useless and vice-versa.  

Once the campaign schedules are saved, the schedules will continue to run until the bucket assigned to it becomes empty, or if the schedules are deleted or the prospect schedule is changed to 0.

Creating a Schedule

First, make sure that there are Prospects in a Bucket that you'd like to start on a Journey through a Campaign.
Check out this article for a step-by-step guide on creating buckets -- Buckets.
Next, head to the Campaign in question, and go to the Schedules tab, click Add Schedule.

Create Schedules window will pop up.
Here's where to determine the Day(s) of the Week that the Schedule will run, the time of day it will execute, the time zone it will follow, the number of Prospects to pull out of the Bucket, and from which Bucket they'll come.

For example, here's the set-up for a Schedule that will run on weekdays at 9:00 AM (PST), taking out 10 Prospects from the "Buckethead" bucket each day.

Click Create, and the Schedule will be listed on the Schedules page.

And that's it! At the next designated time, QuickMail will start the appropriate number of Prospects on their Journey through the Campaign!

Where to access all my schedules?

You can access all your campaign schedules by heading to Campaigns -> Schedules. 

From this page, you can delete schedules in bulk by selecting the schedules -> Actions -> delete. 

You can also edit the number of prospects assigned to the schedules by clicking Prospects.

If you want the schedules to stop adding prospects to a campaign, you can either delete the schedules or change the number of prospects to 0.

Note: Schedules only start campaigns. The time when the follow-ups will send out will depend on the wait step between the email steps.