How to Manage Replies


When a Prospect Replies to a Campaign in QuickMail, not only will they no longer get any further messages from the Campaign, their Reply will also be displayed in the QuickMail interface.

Viewing Replies

To see the Replies in QuickMail, go to Actions > Replies
Replies can also be labeled from the Replies screen.

Removing Replies

Once a Reply is either Labeled, or if no further action is needed, use the Remove button in the lower-right corner:

Preventing QuickMail from detecting Replies

There may be cases where the Replies section is either not useful, or if it would be preferable for the entire team not to be able to see Replies in Shared inboxes.
To stop Replies from being added to the Replies section from an Inbox, head to Settings > Inboxes, and click on the Inbox that Replies should not be added from. Scroll down a bit, and uncheck the Add Replies Detected in This Inbox to the Reply Screen in Quickmail (Default) option.