Adding Team Members to QuickMail

What are Team Members?

Adding team members is useful for accounts or agencies that are managed by multiple users.

Team members can add/import prospects and they can also create and manage campaigns.

It's possible to add as many team members as needed for no additional charge.

There are 2 types of Team Members:

Admins - Has all the permissions to manage and view everything in the account.
Only admins can access the Billing/Plan page.
Only admins can make changes/modify to the subscription (such as adding more inboxes and updating billing info)

Non-admins - Has access to campaigns that they created and inboxes they themselves added. 
Shared inboxes and campaigns will also be visible to non-admin team members. 

Adding a Team Member

To add a team member to your account, 
go to Settings -> Team -> click Add member to the organization -> Generate Invitation Link.

After that, copy the invitation link and send it to the person you want to add to the team. 
The new team member can choose to log in with their own email (Google/Outlook)  or social media account (Facebook/LinkedIn).   

Note: For Agency Accounts, team members are managed at the Organization level.


Q: Where can I see the Team members' activities? 

A: In the Audit Logs page. Go to Settings -> Team -> click Audit Log.
The Audit Logs page displays all of the member's activities in the account and you can filter activities by a team member.

Q: My inboxes and campaigns are not visible to my team member, what do I do?

A: You can change the settings of the inboxes and campaigns to shared (instead of private)
so that all team members can see them. 

To share an inbox, go to Settings -> click the inbox you want to share -> change sharing options:

To share a Campaign, go to Campaigns -> click the campaign you want to share -> change sharing options:

Q: Can I limit my team member's activity? 

A: Nope, that's not possible yet.
Please send an email to about why you'd need to have that option so we can check what we can do.

Q: Why can't I generate an invite link?

A: Only team members of the account can generate an invite. 
If the email address you're using to access QuickMail is not added as a team member of the account, when you try to generate an invite link, it will lead to a permission error.

To check who are the team members of the account, simply go to the Team page.