Email Verification

What is Email Verification used for?

It's important to make sure the folks that are being emailed from QuickMail have active email addresses, in order to reduce bounces and protect the Sender Reputation of the Inboxes in the account. 
That's why QuickMail integrates with the following services:

Setting Up 

After signing up for an account with one of those services, head to the Settings page, and click on the Add-Ons section and click "Configure Email Verification".  

Obtain the API key from whichever service you've chosen, which is a string of letters and numbers, specific to the account with them.
Select the corresponding Email Verification app from the selection and fill out the API key field. 

After filling out the API Key, you should see something like this:

How to Verify Emails

Verified email addresses can have one of four verification statuses
Good:  All is well, this is a valid email
Risky: The verification service was unable to determine if the address is valid. Their server may have taken too long to respond.

Unknown: The email service has responded with a blanket positive response, which would verify any email address, even ones that are invalid.
Invalid: This is a confirmed bad email address, and will bounce when a message is sent to it.

Verifying Emails using Buckets

QuickMail can automatically verify Prospects when they're added to a Bucket.

When creating a bucket, you can enable "Verify Emails"
Next, choose the preferred verification tool when creating the Bucket.   

After that, you can import or move prospects to the bucket to verify the prospects' email addresses. 

You can also set the bucket to automatically reject emails that verified as Risky, Unknown, or Invalid.
This way, the bucket will only accept prospects that are verified with Valid emails. 

Manually Verifying Emails on the Prospect List

On the Prospects page, you can manually select prospects you want to verify -> click Action -> Verify email validity.  

After that, select which email verification service you want to use to verify the selected prospect/s.


Q: What happens when you verify prospects who are already verified? 

A: Prospects who still has a verification status will no longer get verified and will not consume verification credits. 
This also applies to prospects who already replied (marked as valid) and bounced (marked as invalid).