Why isn't my Campaign sending

Why isn't my Campaign sending?

There may be a number of reasons why a Campaign in QuickMail isn't sending any messages. Here are a few examples, and how to get them sorted!

The Campaign is paused

After creating a Campaign, it needs to be set to Live before any messages will send from it.
A paused campaign's name will appear in yellow, when looking at it:
Additionally, on the Campaign list, it will have a badge that says Paused on the right side:
To set the Campaign to go Live, and unpause it, head to the Campaign and use the Review button in the top-right corner. Then, click the Go Live button on the next page.

The Inbox needs to be Authorized

QuickMail may have lost access to your Inbox, requiring it to be re-authorized. You'll be able to tell if this is the case by heading to Settings > Inboxes. If your Inbox appears in red, it needs reauthorization!
To authorize it, click on the Inbox. The button to do so will be at the top of the page:

Prospect(s) have an error in their Journey

If a Campaign is unable to process a Prospect's Journey, it'll display an Error Running badge next to the Prospect in the Journeys tab. Mouse over the badge, and QuickMail will tell you what the problem is:
In this case, there's a Condition applied to the first Step that the Prospect who has started the Campaign does not meet the requirements for.
Here are some other examples of why a Prospect may have an error running:
* The Inbox the Prospect started the Journey with has been removed from QuickMail
* The Step the Prospect is on has been edited/deleted
* QuickMail could not send via the custom SMTP settings for the Inbox
There are other possible reasons as well. The tooltip when you hover your mouse over the badge will tell the tale.
In cases like this, the Prospect will need to be removed from the Journeys list, and restarted on a Campaign. To do so, select them from the Journeys tab, and choose Delete from the Actions menu. Then, either add them to the existing Campaign, or to a new one.