Deliverability Report

Deliverability Report

QuickMail, by default, will send occasional test messages from Inboxes connected to an account, to inboxes we own and monitor. They take place after the inbox has been added, and then at the beginning of the week going forward.
The purpose of this is to give a sense as to where, in different sorts of Inboxes, the messages you send may be landing.

What does it look like?

Head to Settings > Inboxes, click on an Inbox, and scroll down to the Deliverability Testing section of the page. It'll look like this:
Here, we can see that messages sent to Office 365, G Suite, and Free Gmail inboxes are all landing in the Inbox, the Personal section of GMail, and the SPF and DKIM records are looking good. 

The "fake" messages that QuickMail sends

In the Sent items in your Inbox, you may see messages you don't recognize, sent to people you've never heard of. Here are some examples of the names of the recipients of those messages:
* Everlyne
* Everlyne Green
* Richard
* Richard Hendricks
* noreply
* qmnorep
Here are some examples of subject lines for those messages:
* Coffee next Monday?
* Meeting Next Wednesday?
* Hi from (yourname)
* Everlyne Green / (yourname)
* Quick question Everlyne Green?
Those senders, subject lines, or similar, are the test emails that QuickMail sends, and should not be worried about. Have a specific question about one? Just reach out, using the chat button in the lower-right corner, and we'll have a check in!

Turning off Deliverability Reports

If you're on the Pro Plan (or a Trial) and don't want QuickMail to run these tests, just head to Settings > Inboxes, scroll down, and uncheck the Automatically Test Deliverability Of This Inbox Each Week checkbox.