Adding an Unsubscribe Link

Why use an Unsubscribe Link?

Including an Unsubscribe link for Prospects is a good way of giving them a quick way to say they're not interested, and can potentially reduce the risk of them marking messages as Spam.
That said, the more links in a message, the greater likelihood of reducing the deliverability of messages, so be mindful of that!

How to add an Unsubscribe Link to my emails?

To add an Unsubscribe Link to an Email Step, just open the Attributes menu from the bottom-right corner.
From the attributes menu, click Unsubscribe in under the Precomputed column. It'll insert the Unsubscribe Attribute wherever your cursor is in the message body.
It will read "If you don't want to hear from me again, click here," with "click here" being the Unsubscribe link.

The Unsubscribe Attribute can also be used as a hyperlink.

Just enter the text into the email body, highlight the part you'd like to be the Unsubscribe link, and click the Link button on the Toolbar. Then, enter `{{=unsubscribe}}` as the Link, and click save.

Including an Unsubscribe Link in a Signature

If a Signature is being included in emails, the Unsubscribe link can live there, too!
Just head to the inbox, scroll down to edit the Signature. Enter the text, click the Link button in the Toolbar, and enter {{=unsubscribe}} as the link.
Now, whenever the Signature is included in a Message, the Unsubscribe link will be inserted as well! 

Including an Unsubscribe Link in Email Header

You can also include an Unsubscribe Link in an email header to make it easier for your prospects to unsubscribe from a campaign.
Adding an Unsubscribe Link in email header may help improve email deliverability and reduce spam reports.
To include an Unsubscribe Link to an email header, go to the Campaign -> Settings -> check "Add unsubscribe link in email header".