Inbox Rotation

Inbox Rotation

A single QuickMail account can support as many Inboxes as needed. In order to spread out the volume coming from a single Campaign, it's possible to use multiple Inboxes for that Campaign, also known as Inbox Rotation.

Selecting Inboxes

Inbox rotation is simple. After adding the needed inboxes to the account, head to the Inboxes section of a Campaign.
Then, select the Inboxes you'd like the Campaign to use:
QuickMail will then choose one of those Inboxes at random when a Prospect starts their Journey. Each Prospect will receive all messages in the Journey from that Inbox.

That means if a prospect started their journey and got their initial email from one of the inboxes (example: - all the other email steps in the campaign will be sent from that same inbox. 

Inbox-Specific Attributes

The Attribute section of the Email Step editor has a list of Inbox Attributes that will apply to whichever Inbox is used to send that message. If three Inboxes are being used, one for each team member, the name of the Inbox holder, and their specific signature can be added to messages that come from their specific Inbox!