Why use labels?

Labels allow you to easily manage the replies that you're receiving in QuickMail.

Through labels, you can easily categorize replies.

For example, you can use labels to categorize prospects based on their sentiments toward your emails (positive, neutral, negative).

Additionally, you can also use labels to categorize prospects that you need to contact at a later time.
An example of these labels would be "contact after three months."
Note: QuickMail labels are not yet supported in Outlook and custom inboxes.

What's the difference between Labels and Tags?

Labels are used to categorize the prospects' replies to your emails. 
On the other hand, tags are used to categorize your prospects.

In essence, Labels are applied to the prospects' journeys, 
while Tags are applied to your prospects.

For more information on Tags, check this out -- How to Use Tags

How do labels work?

Once labels are created in QuickMail, you will see subfolders under the folder QuickMail in your email account.
The names of these subfolders will reflect the labels that you created in QuickMail.

Once you label the reply that you received on QuickMail,
the reply will be moved to a specific subfolder in your email account, based on the label of the reply.

The same goes for when you label a reply from Gmail, the label will also reflect in QuickMail.

How to create labels?

To create labels, just head to Campaigns -> Labels -> Create New Labels.

A create label window will then pop up. 
Name the label -> Choose the sentiment -> Create the label.

Note: Creating labels in QuickMail will create labels and subfolders in all the inboxes associated with the account.

How to label replies?

After creating labels, you can then start applying labels to the replies that you received in QuickMail.

1. Labeling replies from QuickMail

To add labels to each reply from QuickMail, you can go to the Reply page.

From the Reply page, you can click each reply and click the dropdown button beside the Label.
From the dropdown button, you can see all the labels that you created.
Pick the label that suits the reply.

In this example, the reply is labeled positive, because the prospect showed interest in the masterclass.

2. Labeling replies from Gmail

You can also label replies from Gmail and the labels will sync with QuickMail.

Note: Only one label will sync with QuickMail even if you apply multiple labels to a reply in Gmail.

To label a reply, just click the Label icon.
After clicking the label icon, you should see a list of labels that you have in QuickMail.

Click the label that suits the reply.

For example, this reply is labeled as "Pass" because the prospect is not interested in the course.

How to filter prospects based on labels?

You can also filter prospects based on the labels applied to them.

If you need to re-target prospects that have positive responses to your email,
being able to filter prospects based on labels can be useful.

To filter prospects based on the labels applied to them, just head to your Prospect list -> Add filter -> Journeys -> Select any of the labels -> click Apply Filter.

More about filtering prospects here -- Filtering Prospects