A single Email Step in a Campaign can have multiple messages, or Variations, to send to Prospects.
This can allow for A/B testing, to see what copy works best, or to simply add more variety to messages in order to help your Sender Reputation!

How To Add A Variation

Adding a Variation to an Email Step is simple! Just click the three dots to the right of an Email Variation, and use the Add Variation option from the menu.
A new message window will pop up, and a new message can be created for that Step.

How do Variations send?

By default, when a Prospect enters a Step that has multiple Variations, QuickMail will pick one at random to send. 
Want to control what Variation a Prospect receives? We've got a feature called Conditions, which allows you to determine what Variation goes to which Prospects, via certain Attributes, Tags, or other options.