Auto Warm-Up Inbox

What is it for? 

The Auto warm-up Inbox feature improves email deliverability by simulating email exchanges between valid email accounts. Users can enroll their email accounts in a group where participants automatically send emails to each other.
For a more detailed guide on how the auto-warmer feature helps improve your deliverability faster, check out this page 
--QuickMail Auto-Warmer for Cold Emails

When should you use it? 

Auto warm-up inbox is especially beneficial to new email accounts as a means to establish a good sender reputation. Hence, the feature is called "auto warm-up".
Good sender reputation is achieved by having email interaction with other valid email accounts.

Older email accounts can also use the feature to maintain a good sender reputation by keeping the exchange of emails and replies with other members of the auto warm-up group.

How does it work?

When an inbox joins an Auto warm-up Inbox group, the inbox will automatically send random emails to other members of the group. 

Note: After the inbox is added to the auto-warmer group, the inbox will wait for 48 hours before it sends its first auto-warmer email, so it's normal not to see any auto-warmer emails getting sent from the inbox immediately.

Currently, the number of emails will increase by two every day, until the maximum number of auto-warmer emails is reached.
Each email sent will automatically get replied to by the recipient (also in the same auto warm-up group). 

Where do I see the auto warm-up emails?

Emails received from other users are automatically marked “read” and archived - so they won’t clutter the inbox. 
Note: If an auto-warmer email coming from your inbox landed in spam, QuickMail will automatically remove them from the spam/junk folder and move them to the archived folder. This way, the email deliverability of your inbox will improve.

Additionally, you can also go to the account's Sent Emails to see the auto-warmer emails sent from your inbox.

How to Set up an inbox for auto warm-up?

To set up an inbox for auto warm-up go to Settings -> Inboxes -> click the Inbox.

From the inbox settings, go to the Auto-Warmer tab and click Join Auto-Warmer Group.
After clicking Join Auto-Warmer Group, you will be asked to set the maximum number of emails the inbox can send from the auto-warmer group.

Note: For the Basic Plan, the maximum number of daily auto-warmer emails is only 10.
However, if you are on the Pro Plan, you can increase the volume to up to 25 emails per day.

This is how an inbox looks like if the inbox is already part of the auto-warmer group.
You can also adjust the maximum number of auto-warmer emails by changing the value of the daily emails.

Note: As of the moment, there are no other auto-warmer groups available yet.

How to keep track of where my auto-warmer emails are landing?

To keep track of how the auto-warmer emails coming from your inbox, just check the Auto-warmer Report. 

The Auto-warmer Report will show you how many emails are being sent daily.
Additionally, from the report, you can also see whether your auto-warmer emails are landing in spam, promotions, or other folders.

Note: The number of emails sent doesn't include the number of replies your inbox sent to auto-warmer emails.