Auto Warm-Up Inbox

What is it for? 

The Auto warm-up Inbox feature improves email deliverability by simulating email exchanges between valid email accounts. Users can enroll their email accounts in a group where participants automatically send emails to each other.

When should you use it? 

Auto warm-up inbox is especially beneficial to new email accounts as a means to establish a good sender reputation. Hence, the feature is called "auto warm-up".
Good sender reputation is achieved by having email interaction with other valid email accounts.

Older email accounts can also use the feature to maintain a good sender reputation by keeping the exchange of emails and replies with other members of the auto warm-up group.

Note: Currently, only Gmail/Gsuite and Outook/Office 365 email accounts are supported.

How does it work?

When an inbox joins an Auto warm-up Inbox group, the inbox will automatically send random emails to other members of the group. Currently, the inbox may send and receive up to 5 emails/day (the longer the auto warm-up emails, the fewer emails will be sent out).
Each email sent will automatically get replied to by the recipient (also in the same auto warm-up group). 

Where do I see the auto warm-up emails?

Emails received from other users are automatically marked “read” and archived - so they won’t clutter the inbox. 
Any auto warm-up emails that go into the spam folder are also automatically taken out of the spam and archived - helping improve the sender reputation of the email account/inbox. 

How to Set up an inbox for auto warm-up:

Go to Settings -> Click the inbox you want to warm-up -> Under "Auto Warm-Up Inbox" -> Click "Join Auto-Warmer Group".

Currently, the only group available is the 'public' group. You can join the group with the secret 'secret'.