Canceling and Resuming Journeys

When to cancel journeys?

There are instances when journeys are canceled manually such as when you have already spoken to the prospect on the phone.
Immediately cancel journeys when you need to stop follow-ups to the prospect in a campaign. 

How to cancel journeys manually?

To cancel a journey manually, go to the campaign Journeys - > Select the journey you want to cancel -> Action -> Cancel.

When to resume journeys?

If the campaign has been completed and you want to add more steps to it, you can resume journeys after adding more steps to the campaign.
This will allow the prospects to continue their journeys to the added steps.

Journeys can also be resumed to skip a wait step. 
If you want a journey to bypass the wait step it is on, resume the journey and it will immediately skip the wait step.

Journeys that ran into an error are also resumed once the error is fixed.
This is so that the journeys will continue.

If a journey is marked as out-of-office, the journey will wait for 14 days before it resumes.
If the prospect will be back earlier than 14 days, you can resume the journey earlier and it will resume immediately.

How to resume journeys?

To resume journeys, head to the list of Journeys in the Campaign, and select the journeys you want to resume.

You can also use filters to see all canceled journeys. To filter prospects click "Canceled" on top of the journey list.

Once you have selected all the journeys you want to resume, click Action -> Resume.